It’s Been a While

It’s cold and flu season, The whole fam was taken out by germ du jour. I’m heading in to week 2 of off work thanks to no voice. Downside… I’m not at work. Up side… lots of time to write.

On that note, I finished my two submissions for Engen Books anthology “Flights from the Rock”. I’m stoked for the next “From the Rock” Series – Pulp Sci-Fi! Check it out here: Engen’s Call for Submissions.

I’m currently working on my novel “Call Center Blues”. My other WIP’s have been shelved until that one is done. After that I’ll be working on final rewrite of a Zombie story I”m working on with a friend of mine, Chris Higdon. The plan is to have that one ready for proof reading by summer. As these progress I’ll post an occasional excerpt from them

For now I’ll leave you with a couple of photo’s I took while we were out snowshoeing and a short fiction I wrote, inspired by one of Kit Sora’s awesome photo’s. I’m writing a new story for the latest photo contest (Also on Engen’s website). This was from last year.

Clockwork Girl
She moved and the world was filled with pain, blinding white, mind numbing pain. It felt as if someone had set every nerve aflame. Her mouth opened in a scream but nothing came out. There was only the pain and then blessed darkness.
She awoke again; on her side this time and the pain was more like pins and needles. She had no idea who or where she was, but she was alive. Cautiously she wiggled her fingers and felt them move, heavily, but they moved. With a sign of relief she realized she could feel her ; arms, legs, head and her heart beating it’s steady comforting thump thump against her ribs..
She sat up. It was difficult and painstakingly slow but she managed it and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. A few fearful and tentative slow heavy steps. It felt as if her bones were made of lead. As she moved she felt something soft brush against her skin, she looked down and blushed. Her only covering was a thin gauzy dress which hid almost nothing from view. Putting a hand over her breasts she walked towards a mirror. A pale face she did not recognize looked back at her, soft pink hair hung over two bright blue mechanical eyes and a large clockwork key stuck awkwardly from her back. She screamed and fell to her knees, hands covering her face. What had been done to her?
What was she?

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